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Embodiment Coaching offers transformational Coaching Programs including Five Day Immersions, Six week Programs, Private and Group Classes.

The wisdom of the BODY holds the KEYS to your personal POWER.
Our clients have reported potent life changes after only a few sessions including manifesting dream goals, abundant living, improved sexual intimacy, healthy loving relationships effortlessly, body love, healthier mind and body, self confidence, empowerment and inner harmony


"I undertook Maree's incredible Goddess Body Coaching Course in July 2020. What a beautiful and transformative experience it was. Read more here...

About Us

My name is Maree Shefford and I am the creator of Embodiment Coaching. I am an Embodiment Coach, Sensual Dance Teacher, Tantric Healer and Actor. My transformational Coaching Programs incorporate somatic techniques and energetic healing to create profound physical and physiological life changes.

In 2007 I founded Dance 4 Fitness teaching feminine embodiment and sensual dance practices. This led me on a journey on the Tantric Yoga pathway and after a powerful self awakening was called to heal.

For most of my life I wasn’t living in my power. In fact I gave my power away to most people and kept attracting the same types of people and situations over and over again. I was very disconnected from my subconscious (shadow self) and didn’t realise I was repressing my emotions and living in a state of constant anxiety. My nervous system was always in fight or flight mode with anxiety and stress trapped in my body. I had no idea that I was repressing and suppressing my emotions until I started experiencing physical symptoms in the form of chronic pain.

My own healing journey has allowed me to help others shift emotional and physical blocks with the help of energetic healing and embodiment practices including breathwork, sound release and movement. My clients are able to break free from old patterns and conditioning, to develop inner mastery and achieve personal potential.

I also offer Embodiment Coaching For Actors, including a range of educational programs and performance disciplines which are taught at Community Organisations and Acting Studios. Many of my past clients have procured roles in major TV shows and are touring nationally and internationally in stage productions.

I invite you to explore the powerful Embodiment Coaching programs on offer.


Intuitive Embodiment Coaching and our unique Embodiment Practices offer transformative expertise in the area’s of empowerment, and embodied wisdom. This wisdom allows you to manifest healthly loving relationships,

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