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We offer Private 1 on 1 Coaching and Mentorship to give you the tools to transform your life and achieve personal potential.

Coaching and Mentorship

Private 1 on 1 Coaching and Mentorship is available to select clients only.

A free 30 minute Coaching Consult session is held via zoom or phone to discover coach/client alignment and if we want to work with one another.

We ask you to think carefully before booking this free session as we respect our time and yours, and only work with people who are ready to COMMIT to MOVING FORWARD.

BOOK your FREE 30 minute Coaching Consult!

Embodiment Coaching Process

The Embodiment Process unites the imaginary separation between body and mind, body and soul, opening a doorway to your inner wisdom and work on all 5 body layers – physical body, mental body, bliss body, energy body and wisdom body.

When the mind, body and soul are in balance, the physical body and energetic layers are able to eliminate blocks, negative thought processes can be reversed and neural pathways can be reset.  You will be able to tap into your inner wisdom to receive the messages you need to follow.

Many people have blocks which stops them moving forward and that’s where we come in. We help you to identify what is holding you back from manifesting your vision and moving forward. 

Embodiment Coaching Sessions will release STUCK energy blocks on a cellular level. Energetic blocks due to old patterning and negative beliefts will be cleared at root cause. We teach you how to connect to your inner wisdom, awaken creative flow and activate your soul gifts.  And you will be guided to release energy blocks on a cellular level to access your inner power.

Awakening you to your inner wisdom and activating energy frequencies creates the aligned action necessary to achieve your life and career dreams effortlessly.


Your Coach – Maree Shefford

The Creator of Embodiment for Actors has 15 years experience facilitating private coaching and group classes, and a 20 year career in performance.

Maree is a qualified Embodiment Coach, Tantric and Feminine Embodiment Coach and Dance Teacher.

Embodiment Coaching Sessions demystifies the imaginary separation between body, mind and soul and allow you to access the secrets to tap into your inner wisdom, awaken creative flow and activate your unique soul gifts.  

Embodiment Coaching will give you the tools to tap into your inner wisdom, awaken creative flow and activate your soul gifts.  You will be guided to release STUCK ENERGY BLOCKS on cellular level and ignite your SACRAL POWER to open a doorway to your inner wisdom.

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Moving through your energetic blocks around abundance, success and self worth will align you to align to your vision fast. The blocks are cleared at cellular level, opening a doorway to your inner wisdom for energetic alignment, which will bring your dreams to MANIFESTATION.

Creating energetic alignment – Attract your desires effortlessly
You will be guided through a powerful energetic alignment including:

  • Calling in your vision  
  • Identifying what is holding you back from manifesting your vision
  • Clearing energetic blocks
  • Discover your unique soul gifts 
  • Eliminating negative patterning and beliefs, moving past old conditioning 
  • Clearing channels to receive guidance to manifest your desires

Over the last 14 years and hundreds of clients later, I have recognised these two most common blocks.


After working with me, deep transformations and profound changes occur. If you give yourself permission to be in your authentically truthful, you will then be able to attract your desires and allow the MAGIC to happen!

You will have powerful transformations including:

Personal and business success
Abundant living
Attracting healthy loving relationships effortlessly
Higher self awareness
Body love
Healthier mind and body
Weight loss
Self confidence
Inner harmony

Maree Shefford – Embodiment Coach and Actor

Book your free 30 minute Embodiment Consult!

Maree’s clients include Australian TV Show personalities, executives and other high level personnel.

Maree uses powerful techniques including Quantum Healing, Neural Pathway Resetting, Archetypes, Shadow Work and Tantric breathwork.
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