Embodiment For Actors Video Series – Industry Secrets and Audition Craft

Online Workshop Series

Video 1
Industry Secrets


-How to find an agent who will get you work
-How to get a Casting Director to notice me
-How to create relationships with Casting Agent’s
-How do I create a compelling showreel?
-Headshots and what message they deliver
-Your unique selling point
-Determining where you fit into the industry
-Knowing what casting type you are
-Identify your competition
-5 and 10 year plan-How to get an agent
-Creating online content for websites and social media
-Professional industry advice
-Create a professional image
-Organise marketing materials: headshots, website, business cards, social media
-Become an influencer
-Creating resumes and cover letters which get results

Video 2
Audition Craft

Audition Craft offers practical techniques and processes, to enable actors to attract ongoing professional acting work.  We show you how to take your auditions from average to awesome and give you a working process which ensures you are fully prepped and confident before every audition.  You will learn to audition and self test with absolute confidence!

Workshop includes:

How to develop a positive mindset
Technical requirements – where to place the reader, eyeline etc
How to attract and manifest energetically the roles you need to take your acting career to the next level
Expressing your uniqueness and individuality
Relaxation techniques
Spontaneity, thinking on your feet, taking on board any direction given
Thinking outside the square

Maree Shefford – Actor, Dance Teacher, Embodiment Coach

Qualifications and Experience

Maree Shefford is a professional Actor and Embodiment Coach, teaching private clients and at a range of community organisations. She created the Embodiment For Actors in 2017 and a list of clients include:

Laneway Learning
Monash University
Melbourne University
Victoria University
Deakin University

Past Clients
Dan Hamill (Love Child TV Series, X Factor 2015)
Council of Adult Education
Intelligent Sex TV


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