Unleash Your Fire – Six Week Empowerment Training

Feeling STUCK in a RUT and not sure how to move forward?

Repeating OLD PATTERNS leaving you FRUSTRATED and depleting your energy?

Unsure of how to get to the next level of your life journey?

Want to manifest your goal and desires into reality but not sure how?

Most people slog away for years working on goals externally which can bementally and alot of extremely hard work. Often the same patterns can keep showing up preventing transformational leaps. Breaking this cycle is necessary to allow powerful shifts to take place. RECODING our limited beliefs to those of unlimited POTENTIAL will allow INNER ALCHEMY.

Embodiment Coaching will identify the blocks within you by tapping into your energy field and revealing emotional blocks, which always originate from your past. Identifying what exactly is holding you back from manifesting your vision will fast track you to physicalise the dreams.

Embodiment Coaching offers transformational Coaching Programs including Five Day Immersions, Six week Programs, Private and Group Classes.

We use powerful modalities and self actualising integrations clearing energetic blocks at root cause. We help our clients to move past old conditioning to achieve personal power and the mindset to reach dream goals. 

Learn how you can change your life in the area’s of personal growth, manifesting dream goals, abundant living, sexual intimacy and attracting healthy loving relationships effortlessly.

Activate your fire power to self actualise and manifest your desires

Energetic Blocks

When emotions are suppressed and hidden, they can cause physical blocks in the energy field, preventing emotions to flow freely. These denied disowned emotions are often there to protect us from past trauma and wounding.  Emotional energetic blocks sit in your energetic field and can be experienced as feeling stuck in the same place, and not able to move on.  They need to be accessed to prevent ongoing physical and emotional issues.

The Shadow

By recognising the shadow aspects of the psyche, we can begin to make the unconscious conscious and understand emotional triggers.  Tapping into the subconscious and bringing it to consciousness allows a full embodied understanding of our whole being.


A variety of archetypes exist in our pysche and our shadow self reveals repressed archetypes when triggered by a person, past memory or event.Understanding your myriad of archetype’s and how they influence your behaviour, allows you to be fully conscious of your motivations and needs.

The Unleash Your Fire Program works with the main archetypes presenting themselves including:

1. The Innocent
2. The Orphan/Regular Guy or Gal
3. The Hero
4. The Caregiver
5. The Explorer
6. The Rebel
7. The Lover
8. The Creator
9. The Jester
10. The Sage
11. The Magician
12. The Ruler

Give yourself permission to become the highest version of you allows you to CREATE the LIFE you desire

The Unleash Your Fire Power Program will give you the tools to awaken
you to the power of your POTENTIAL and INNER MASTERY.

Over the six weeks you will discover your natural gifts and learn how to
activate your FIRE POWER, reigniting your passions and desires.
Emotional (energy) blocks are cleared at cellular level, giving you the inner alignment required to manifest and call in your visions.

Embodiment Coaching will give you the tools to tap into your inner wisdom, awaken creative flow and activate your unique soul gifts.  You will be guided to release any emotional blocks from cellular level, to tap into your inner wisdom and allow abundance to be received.

Moving through your energetic blocks around abundance, success and self worth will align you to align to your vision fast. The blocks are cleared at cellular level, opening a doorway to your inner wisdom for energetic alignment, which will bring your dreams to MANIFESTATION.

These lower energy vibrational frequencies are seeded from childhood and
ancestral lineage. The vibration of fear is the main block which prevents
people moving forward. Only until you can forgive and have gratitude in your heart, the transmutation of fear to love will begin.

Creating energetic alignment – Attract your desires effortlessly
You will be guided through a powerful energetic alignment including:

  • Calling in your vision  
  • Identifying what is holding you back from manifesting your vision
  • Clearing energetic blocks
  • Discover your unique soul gifts 
  • Eliminating negative patterning and beliefs, moving past old conditioning 
  • Clearing channels to receive guidance to manifest your desires

Book your FREE 30 minute Embodiment Consult to find out more about this training!

Embodiment Coaching – Unleash Your Fire Power Coaching will reveal your power imbalances preventing you from receiving abundance, health and harmony!

The Unleash Your Fire Power Program is only for people who are ready tomove forward and make transformational life changes. Moving through energetic blocks around abundance, success and self worth will allow you to align to your vision fast.

This program will lead you through powerful techniques for your fire power to come through. You will also learn how to activate your feminine alchemy and create from your feminine essence and power.

Client Testimonials

”I went on a whim and was guided to the program and I’m so grateful I was. Earlier this year I was experiencing a break up, I felt I really needed to step back into my power and this was a great way to really add to that journey.

At first I was a little uncomfortable but once the energy started flowing I felt free. Maree was so confident and accommodating I felt like I’d know her for years and this was something we did together. I learnt new things
and really felt my lower chakras open up and my more authentic self shine through. It was quick but powerful”. Gemma

“Maree’s Embodiment Coaching is transformational! I didn’t realise how stuck I was until I experienced the powerful activations. I am now pursuing exactly what I want in my life, with no holds barred. Thank you so much! ” Anne

‘Working with you opened windows of inspiration and opportunity.  I’ve become more self aware of my thoughts and feelings and have become more of a confident person from that.  Every session brought a new feeling and a new form of growth and I was always excited for what the new session would bring’. Harper Lawrence

‘Maree possesses a highly attuned ability to access emotional blocks and bring these to the conscious level. She weaves a sacred space and I felt totally safe at all times and am now doing what I love and living my dream life’.Kate

Over the last 14 years and hundreds of clients later, I have recognised these two most common blocks.


The Unleash Your Fire Power Program works through energetic blocks from stuck emotions including:

Fear of moving forward
Abundance blocks
Sexual guilt and shame
Self love blocks
Lack of direction

This program offers deep transformation in the following area’s:

Personal and business success
Abundant living
Attracting healthy loving relationships effortlessly
Higher self awareness
Body love
Healthier mind and body
Weight loss
Self confidence
Inner harmony


If we think in lack that is what we ATTRACT

Unleash Your Fire Six Week Empowerment Package includes:

6 X 1 hour Coaching Sessions
2 x 30 minute phone coaching calls
3 x Recorded Video’s Embodiment Training

Online Coaching Sessions include:

  • Discover your unique soul gifts
  • Tapping into your intuitive guidance to understand your soul journey
  • Accessing your archetypes and shadow self to reveal triggers and personality traits
  • Re-setting neural pathways
  • Mind, body and heart alignment
  • Neural pathway reset to eliminate negative patterning, old conditioning and stuck energies
  • Energy clearing to open up to financial abundance
  • Tuning into nature and elements
  • Tapping into the higher self and frequencies 
  • Clear unprocessed emotions at cellular level
  • Releasing energetic blocks
  • Releasing stuckness from the physical body, including fear, unworthiness, guilt and shame

3 Recorded Video’s

  • Video 1 – Embodied breathing
  • Video 2 – Embodying mind, body and senses
  • Video 3 – Self actualising Meditation


The Unleash Your Fire Power Empowerment Package is $480.00.

The six sessions are face to face but can be done via zoom as an alternative.

Cost of Program

The Unleash Your Fire Power Program runs for six consecutive weeks.

Cost – $480.00

Payment Options

Option 1 – Full payment. Must be paid 5 days before first session.
Option 2 – 2 x payments of $240.00.

First payment must be paid 5 days prior to first session.
Second payment due half way through Program – 1 day after Session 3.

T’s & C’s

Once payments received no refunds are possible.

If a class session needs to be changed – 48 hours notice is required.
Past clients said it is hard to put a value on what they have received from Embodiment Training’s, but would have paid $1000!

Book a free 30 minute Embodiment Consult to find out more!

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