It is an opportunity to PLAY it BIG, to express the REAL YOU and embrace all aspects of the feminine.

The LIGHT and the SHADOW

The MOON and the SUN


What this course is NOT:

…It is NOT about conforming

…It is NOT about keeping yourself small

…It is NOT about fitting in

…It is NOT about about being a certain way

…It is NOT about being invisible

…It is NOT about being inconspicuous

…It is NOT about compromising

…It is NOT about blending in because that is what you
have been programmed to you

…It is NOT about suppressing your feelings so you don’t offend someone


This course is about STEPPING into your

it’s about BLOSSOMING …

It’s about EXPANDING…

It’s about showing your AMAZING RADIANT and UNAPOLOGETIC SELF to the world.


THIS COURSE is for those who are READY to stand in their FULL FEMININE POWER.

And to discover the real YOU, the unedited version of the BEAUTIFUL WOMAN you are.

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A four week journey to UNLEASH your FEMININE POWER and true EROTIC expression

Every woman has the ability to tap into her SEXUAL ENERGY and EROTIC POWER

Every woman is an EROTIC GODDESS and an expression of exquisite radiant beauty and love|

To bring the SHADOW to the LIGHT, where the myriad of erotic archetypes and primal wild woman reside

Learning how to awaken to our full FEMININE POTENTIAL and SEXUAL ENERGY is the key to unlocking EROTIC ALCHEMY


What are Archetypes?

Archetypes are inherited dispositions, behaviours and personality traits that are predictable in patterning what we do.
We are often unaware of archetypes which are operating in the background of our psyche and are responsible for triggering emotions. They are a powerful tool in understanding our psyche and by recognising the shadow self (subconscious), we can begin to make the unconscious conscious.

The following archetypes are strongly associated with the feminine and goddess:

Siren, Femme Fatale, Lover, Inner Warrior, Harlot, Wild Woman, Muse, Enigma, Gypsy, Saturnine

There are also archetypes which tap into  the powerful feminine erotic energy which include:   Temple Priestess, Harlot, Siren and Gypsy

Are you ready to awaken your natural EROTIC nature?

Are you ready to discover the true power of your sexual energy, where the myriad of erotic archetypes and primal wild woman reside?

What you will learn

  • You will learn to activate and awaken the Sacral Chakra where the sexual/creative energy is housed and divine energy source
  • You will discover your PRIMAL wild essence and the masculine/feminine polarities
  • You will learn how to unleash your PRIMAL WILD WOMAN essence, the aspects of EROTIC POWER and cosmic enchantress serpent SHAKTI
  • The power of SEXUAL energy and masculine/feminine polarities
  • You will discover the erotic nature of the Vixen, the wild feline sexiness of Cat Goddess Bast and the temple dances  of the Priestesses and African Goddess Queens
  • Secrets of the EROTIC ARCHETYPES:Temple Priestess
  • The SHADOW archetypes and erotic creatures residing within, including:Naughty lover
    Ice queen

What to expect

  • Sensual erotic dance movement
  • Tantric Dance
  • Chakra energy activations
  • Sacred rituals
  • Tantric breathwork
  • Sound release
  • Visualisations
  • Animal movement
  • Shamanic technique
  • Masks and other props will be used

Your Teacher

Sessions will be carried out by a qualified Sensual Dance Teacher and Tantric Yoga Facilitator Maree Shefford in a sacred and safe environment. Maree has the ability to hold space with authentic presence and acceptance, for private clients and small or large groups.

Maree has been teaching Sensual Dance  and Burlesque since 2007. She has incorporated the ancient practice of Tantra into many of her teaching programs and imparts this wisdom in a contemporary framework suitable for beginners to advanced practitioners.

Maree’s programs and classes have been taught at the following Community organisations and venues:

FED SQUARE Workhop Series, CAE Council Of Adult Education, Laneway Learning, Moorabbin Tafe, Elwood St Kilda Learning Centre, Dancehouse, Play Lounge, Libation, Private events


‘Maree possesses a highly attuned ability to access actors emotional blocks and bring these to the conscious level. She weaves a sacred space and I feel totally safe at all times’. Kate

‘Maree possesses a highly attuned ability to access emotional blocks and bring these to the conscious level. She weaves a sacred space and I felt totally safe at all times and am now living my dream life’. Anne – Goddess Body
”I went on a whim and was guided to Maree’s 5 day Goddess Body Program and I’m so grateful I was. Earlier this year after experiencing a breakup I felt I really needed to step back into my power and this was a great way to really add to that journey. At first it was a little uncomfortable but once the energy started flowing I felt free. Maree was so confident and accommodating I felt like I’d known her for years and this was just something we did together. I learnt some new things and have really felt my lower chakras open up and my more authentic self shine through. It was quick but powerful. Thankyou’. Gemma – Goddess Body Program

‘Maree helped me greatly through her amazing courses. Book into this amazing course by a respected actor and dancer. Maree was the first one to give me my confidence here in Melbourne and I truly can’t recommend enough how valuable her courses truly are’.

‘Highly recommend this class to any Melbourne based actor! Or anyone who wants to build their confidence in a safe and empowering environment’. Ally Sanford

‘I undertake privates with Maree and she integrates many powerful embodiment techniques allowing me to create characters with great depth and authenticity’ She is a wonderful teacher!’ Danielle

‘Working with Maree was a transformative experience. I learnt alot about myself and was challenged in an empowering way through the feminine archetype work. Highly recommend’. Jessica The Jester, Entertainer

‘Maree’s approach to facilitating her classes, is that everyone feels that they’re in a safe place, whether you’re new to body work, or someone wanting to deepen their practice in a group, you will be trained by someone who is very knowledgeable, confident and sensitive to the needs of each learner in the room’. Loretta

‘Working with you opened windows of inspiration and opportunity.  I’ve become more self aware of my thoughts and feelings and have become more of a confident person from that.  Every session brought a new feeling and a new form of growth and I was always excited for what the new session would bring’.
Harper Lawrence,  Musical Theatre student

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