Embodiment For Actors Group Courses – Group In Person (Melbourne)


Embodiment for Actors – Group Courses


Embodiment – Level 1   (8 x 1 hr sessions)

This course is designed to teach actors how to connect to their inner world, by exploring their physical, emotional and spiritual body.  Participants will learn about body/breath connection, relaxation techniques, stillness, power and presence.  They will also learn how breath and energy flow affects emotions and how emotions move through the body.

In Embodiment Level 1 you will learn to connect to your inner world and learn the secrets of presence, stillness and energy flow.

During this process, emotional blocks may be revealed.  The course includes body mapping, body and emotions, as well as alignment of energy.

Your facilitator has 16 years of experience in facilitating acting and embodiment. Safe embodiment techniques and the Facilitator is trauma informed.

Certifications include:  Cert III Dance Performance, Cert III Business, Cert IV Small Business Management, Diploma Of Business, Advanced Diploma Management, Tantric Yoga Teacher Training.


The course will cover:

Deep relaxation techniques
Embodied Energy Flow
Body mapping
Sound release


Enhanced body and sensory awareness, designed to prepare actors for Level 2 and 3 courses.
The techniques used in this course can be taken into everyday life for the purposes of empowerment, confidence and self growth.


The course is suitable for beginner actors.


The Primal Actor – Level 2 Group Course   (8 x 1 hr sessions)


In this course you will explore the primal animal essence which resides in all human’s, which often lays dormant due to society labelling emotional expression and release as negative.  Primal animal work is a powerful practice allowing access to a person’s true authentic nature and raw primal impulses.

In this course Tantric breath and postures, sound release and instinctual movement are utilised to access impulses.

This course will cover:

Primal animal movement
Animal essence
Tantric Breathwork and Postures
Sound release


Deep awareness to the physical body, mind and soul,. Organic raw impulses and  in preparation for level 3.


Must have completed Embodiment Level 1 to participate in this course.


Shadow Self – Level 3 Group Course (8 x 1 hr sessions)

In Shadow Self – Level 3 participants will discover their dominant and repressed archetypes, giving insight into behaviours and motivations.  To fully embody a character actors must be aware of not only their own primary and secondary archetypes but also the characters.  If an actor is blocking or disowning an archetype, then he/she cannot access the character fully.

The Embodiment Process unites the imaginary separation between body and mind.   In Shadow Work (subconscious) traits and repressed archetypes are identified, preventing a full expression of creative energy.  By recognising the shadow, we can begin to make the unconscious conscious, recognise the multitude of archetypes, identify particular emotional blocks, explore masculine/feminine polarities and sexual/creative energy.

The Shadow

The subconscious, the shadow self, does a great job keeping denied emotions from our conscious mind.  When emotions are suppressed and hidden in the shadow, they can be triggered by a circumstance, event or other person, then they can resurface, causing us pain.  By recognising the shadow aspect in us, we can begin to make the unconscious conscious.

Techniques used include:

Tantric breath
Sound release
Embodied energy flow
Deep relaxation
Mirror work
Mirror play
Inner Warrior/Shadow Warrior
Feminine/Masculine polarities


Archetypes symbolize basic human motivations, which evoke deep emotions.  Every person has a range of archetypes that exist in their psyche, some more dominant than others and each type has its own set of values, meanings and personality traits.  By identifying these archetypes and what they represent, you will learn more about your emotional states and your trigger points.


Allowing actors entry into different parts of their consciousness to access  emotions and feelings.  The effectiveness of the embodiment techniques used lie in their powerful ability to access deeper parts of the psyche, develop deeper consciousness and create fully embodied characters.


Musty have completed Level 2 and 3 to participate in this course.


Maree Shefford – Actor, Dance Teacher, Embodiment Coach and Tantric Yoga Facilitator
Maree has been teaching for 14 years actors and non actors, and is a highly sought after coach.





Current and Past Clients

Personal Audition Prep Coach for Dan Hamill (Love Child TV Series 4 and X Factor 2015) 2013 till 2017
Melbourne University
Monash University
Deakin University
Victoria University
Laneway Learning
CRT&C Conflict Resolution
Moorabbin Tafe




Eric Morris Technique – Teacher, Mal Kennard (AFI nominee) 2013-2017
Meisner Method
VCA Foundation Year
NIDA open
Singing – various teachers
Raw Truth – Teacher, Kim Farrant (Director of Strangerland starring Nicole Kidman and Angel Of Mine starring Noomi Rapace)
Physical Theatre Courses – IUGT
Cert III Dance Performance  – Dance Factory – Ballet, jazz and dance
Speech & Drama – Trinity College London  – Grade 1-8 exams





Working with you opened windows of inspiration and opportunity.  I’ve become more self aware of my thoughts and feelings and have become more of a confident person from that.  Every session brought a new feeling and a new form of growth and I was always excited for what the new session would bring’.
Harper Lawrence – Performer

‘Working with Maree was a transformative experience’. I learnt alot about myself and was challenged in an empowering way through the feminine archetype work. Highly recommend’.
Jessica The Jester – Entertainer

‘I undertake privates with Maree and she integrates many powerful embodiment techniques which allowing me to create characters with great depth and authenticity’ She is a wonderful teacher!’
Danielle – Burlesque performers and model

‘Highly recommend Embodiment For Actors to any Melbourne based actor. Or anyone who wants to build their confidence in a safe and empowering environment’.
‘Last class of @mareeshefford Embodiment for Actors. Going to miss these gorgeous, strong women.
HIGHLY RECOMMEND this class to any Melbourne based actor!! Or anyone who wants to build their confidence in a safe and empowering environment’.
Ally Sanford – Working Actress  https://allysanford.com/post/177939182835/last-class-of-mareeshefford-embodiment-for-actors

‘Maree’s approach to facilitating her classes, is that everyone feels that they’re in a safe place, whether you’re new to body work, or someone wanting to deepen their practice in a group, you will be trained by someone who is very knowledgeable, confident and sensitive to the needs of each learner in the room’. Loretta – Dancer

‘Maree posesses a highly attuned ability to access the shadow self and archetypes in a totally safe way’. Anon

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