Dating and Flirting Immersive Event – Waiting List

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Exciting news! We are launching a brand new event:

Dating and Flirting Immersive Event

Perfect for Singles, but even if you are not currently looking, the skills you learn in this powerful event can be utilised in any area of your life – work and play.

In this powerful immersive training you will learn how to be SUPER CONFIDENT, how to use your FEMININE POWER to get what you desire and how to open your channels to attract your romantic partner who is on your FREQUENCY.

This event will sell out FAST.   Once it goes live, all places will be gone!

Click here WAITING LIST for this exclusive event.


What’s included:


Over one hour you will learn powerful essential skill sets:

  • How to confidently start up a conversation with an attractive stranger
  • Body language and use your sensual voice for seduction
  • Feminine power mastery, learn how to use archetypes for magnetising and allure


Then you get to road test your new skills at local venues

Duration of entire event:

7.00 pm till 9.30 pm  2.5 hours


8 places only – this will sell out


Send us a message to go on the wait list




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