Private Sessions – Archetypes and Shadow Self


In these Private Sessions you will discover your various archetypes and subconscious (shadow self) which reveal disowned personality traits.  The subconscious does a great job, keeping these denied emotions repressed and hidden, but when triggered by a circumstance, event or other person, they can resurface causing us pain.  By recognising the shadow aspects within, emotional blocks can be identified in the energy system and neural pathway patterning.  Shadow work enables actors to identify emotional blocks and repressed archetypes.


Revealing the Inner Child Archetypes will help you break old patterns, energetic attachments and past wounding. You will learn to understand your emotional self and the positive and negative Shadow Aspects of the Inner Child.   These attributes and also the Saboteur Archetype often holds people back from moving forward. Healing the Inner Child will free you from the past and allow you to move forward.


Archetype and Shadow Work

Archetype and Shadow Work allows entry into the different parts of the consciousness including the conscious and unconscious shadow aspects of the psyche, feminine/masculine polarities, primal wild woman/man and archetypes.

Primary and shadow archetypes will be identified so actors understand how to access their characters primary and secondary archetypes. Actors will gain access to their shadow and also creative power.

The effectiveness of Shadow Work lies in the ability to access deep levels of the psyche, enabling clients to become aware of their subconscious states and motivations.


Modalities used include:

  • Movement
  • Breathwork
  • Embodied energy flow
  • Primal movement
  • Sound release
  • Mirror work
  • Sensory work
  • Voicing boundaries in intimate scenes
  • Primary and secondary archetypes
  • Owning your sexuality


Common primary archetypes include:

  • Inner Child
  • Innocent
  • Orphan
  • Hero
  • Caregiver
  • Ruler
  • Creator
  • Magician
  • Jester
  • Priest/Priestess
  • Warrior/Warrior Woman
  • Diva/Divus


Archetypes and Shadow Self
Cost $100.00 per one hour session



Intuitive Embodiment Coaching offers transformative expertise in the area’s of empowerment, and embodied wisdom. This wisdom allows you to manifest healthly loving relationships, dream goals and abundance effortlessly. Our program works on all deep body layers including: physical, emotional and sensual.

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