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We offer a range of physical acting and business of acting courses for all skill levels. Other services include audition preparation and readers for hire.


Working with you opened windows of inspiration and opportunity.  I’ve become more self aware of my thoughts and feelings and have become more of a confident person from that.  Every session brought a new feeling and a new form of growth and I was always excited for what the new session would bring’.  Harper Lawrence – working actor

‘Working with Maree was a transformative experience’.
Jessica The Jester – Entertainer

‘I undertake privates with Maree and she integrates many powerful embodiment techniques which allowing me to create characters with great depth and authenticity’ She is a wonderful teacher!’ Danielle – Burlesque performers and model

‘Highly recommend Embodiment For Actors to any Melbourne based actor. Or anyone who wants to build their confidence in a safe and empowering environment’. Ally – Working actor

Maree’s approach to facilitating her classes, is that everyone feels that they’re in a safe place, whether you’re new to body work, or someone wanting to deepen their practice in a group, you will be trained by someone who is very knowledgeable, confident and sensitive to the needs of each learner in the room’. Loretta

‘Maree posesses a highly attuned ability to access the shadow self and archetypes in a totally safe way’. Anon

ACTING 101  (Beginners Course)
Please note: This course is held at Laneway Learning only

An introduction into the world of acting, suitable for anyone with no or little experience in the craft.  The basics of acting technique will be covered including relaxation, breathwork, voice, role play, improv and text work.  The techniques used in this course can be taken into everyday life for the purposes of empowerment and confidence.

Participants will learn the basics of acting technique and how to allow the breath to connect to the words so emotions can flow freely.  Students will discover their presence and stillness.  During this process, emotional blocks will be identified and moved through by various techniques including:
Eye gazing
Sound Release
Text work


8 x 1 hr sessions

Connect to your inner world and learn the secrets of presence, stillness and energy flow.

Embodiment – Level 1 is an introduction to the Embodiment Process where participants will learn the basics of physical acting technique including body /breath connection, deep relaxation, stillness, presence, energy flow, connecting breath to the words and how emotions move through the body. The techniques used in this course are transformative in the area’s of empowerment, wellbeing and confidence.

During the Embodiment process, emotional blocks will be identified and moved through via a range of techniques, enabling a free, open and relaxed instrument – body, mind and soul, to easily access intuitive impulses.

The course will cover:

Embodiment Techniques
Body/Breath Connection
Energy Flow
Eric Morris Technique
Tantric breathwork
Sound release
Text work


8 x 1 hr sessions


This course explores the primal animal within, shadow self, feminine/masculine polarities and archetypes.  Primal animal work is a powerful practice which will allow access into your true authentic nature. Your very essence is primal and the utilisation of animal sensory exercises will open a gateway into your inner world.

The course will explore the primal essence and the raw animalistic energy.  Human’s have a raw primal energy within and this course will reveal the authentic nature. Animal exploration will be utilised and tantric breath to access raw energy impulses.

Archetypes symbolize basic human motivations, which evoke deep emotions.  Every person has a range of archetypes that exist in their psyche, some more dominant than others and each type has its own set of values, meanings and personality traits. And by identifying these archetypes and what they represent, you will learn more about your emotional states and your trigger points. You will discover your dominant archetype or archetypes, giving you insight into your own behaviours and motivations.

To fully embody a character you must be aware of not only your own primary and secondary archetypes but also the characters.  If you are unable to access a characters archetypes because you have a block, you will not be able to access the character fully.

The Shadow

The subconscious, the shadow self, does a great job, keeping these denied emotions, from our conscious mind,  Protecting us from experiencing these emotions, they become suppressed and hidden, but when triggered by a circumstance, event or other person, they will resurface, causing us pain. By recognising the shadow aspect in us, we can begin to make the unconscious conscious.  And help you move through the life patterns and energy blocks, that may be holding you back from attaining what you desire.

This course will cover:

Archetypes including: inner child, wild woman/man, warrior, prostitute, queen, the judge, the victim
Shadow self
Primal animal work
Feminine and masculine polarity
Tantric Breathwork and Postures
Sound release

T’s & C’s – Payment required in full, at least 2 weeks prior to course.
No refund when payment made unless course cancelled.


Course Details


175 Chapel Street
St Kilda (entry via Brighton Rd)

Parking:  Street parking
Public transport: Closest train station is Windsor,
Tram 67 Nepean Hwy or 70 Chapel St Tram

BOOK:  No refunds unless course cancelled.


Embodiment For Actors
Duration: 8 x 1 hr sessions
Cost: $160.00    Concession $150.00

The Primal Actor
Duration: 8 x 1 hr sessions
Cost: $160.00    Concession $150.00

Private Classes
Duration: 1 hour
Cost: $80 ($68 concession)

T’s & C’s – Payment required in full, at least 2 weeks prior to course.
No refund when payment made unless course cancelled.


Maree Shefford

Founder of Embodiment For Actors

Career Overview

Maree Shefford has over 15 yrs teaching experience in the area’s of embodiment, physical acting and sensual dance movement. She has performed in new works including ‘Love’, ‘Lights’, ‘From Frying Pan To Fire’ for Fringe, Short & Sweet Semi Finalist ‘Life On Mars and award winning UK production ‘Trilogy’. 

Other stage roles include Emilie in ‘‘Dangerous Liaisons’, Edith in ‘Blithe Spirit’, Euridyce in ‘Antigone’, ‘Importance Of Being Earnest’, ‘Rites’, Emma in ‘Summer Of The Seventeenth Doll’, Linda in ‘Death Of A Salesman’.

Musical Theatre Shows include: ‘The Boyfriend’, ‘The Mystery Of Edwin Drood’ and ‘Fiddler On The Roof’.

Maree’s tv roles include Series Regular on supernatural drama ‘Sonnigsburg”(Ch 31) starring Don Bridges and Ian Stenlake, indie feature Innuendo’, lead roles in short films, independent film, music videos and performance art projects. 

Maree is currently playing the lead in The Players’ Soap Opera Podcast, has upcoming roles in Feature Film ‘Deviate’ by Angelo Salamanca and Serge De Nardo (the BBQ Feature Film), new work ‘Paper Planes I Made For You’ for 2019 Fringe and a featured role in Channel Nine lifestyle program (9 Life).

She is currently writing and producing a short film project.




Maree worked as DAN HAMILL’s (LOVE CHILD TV Series 4 and X Factor 2015) personal Audition Prep Coach as well as FAST TRACK TALENT.  She now teaches Embodiment, Tantric Embodiment and a range of other classes for her own business and at Laneway Learning.

She is heavily booked for audition prep and is hired regularly by Melbourne University, Monash University and in Conflict Resolution roleplays.

TRAINING and QUALIFICATIONS 1990’s to current

Eric Morris Technique with Mal Kennard (AFI nominee) 2013-2017
Meisner Method
VCA Foundation Year
Shakespeare – Tony Knight, Rowena Balos
Melbourne Acting Studio London – Bruce Alexander
Raw Truth – Kim Farrant Director of Strangerland starring Nicole Kidman and Angel Of Mine starring Noomi Rapace
Physical Theatre – Austria
Cert III Dance – Dance Factory
Speech & Drama – Trinity College London 


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